How to get the best price for your property



Only a small proportion of home owners follow all four steps and they are the ones who do best in the property market. 

So here they are....

1: Say goodbye to your home before it goes on the market.

What I mean here is that you have to reverse the principle of making a house a home - so depersonalise it - stop it screaming "this is MY home!" 

You want the buyers out there to be easily able to picture it as their home. Why do you think that show homes are so seductive?


2: Hit the market at the right price.

Pricing high and holding out for the best price is unlikely to be successful and here's why: rightmove provides proof that a property listing gets 4 x more web hits in the first three weeks of marketing than every week later on. 

So it is vital that the asking price does not put the property in a league which it cannot compete in and it needs to be in the right league in that first three week period so that as many hits turn into enquiries. 

Think about it: you are going to achieve the best price in the period when the most people are looking at it. 

Asking price is therefore far more achievable within that first 3 week period and if you are excited by the prospect of receiving multiple bids then that is usually exclusive to the first week. 

If you slip into the second three week period or heaven forbid even the third then your potential buyers will see your property as one that nobody else wants so why should they bid high?


3: Create the best first impression

The fact is that buyers and tenants no longer want to register with a whole load of estate agents for fear of being pestered into submission so they prefer to make the first move when they see what looks like a great home come onto the web. 

Therefore chose an agent who is going to present your property in its very best light so that it jumps out of the search results and inspires the browser to book a viewing. 


4: Use the agent who gives you the most confidence.

Please do not be tempted to choose the cheapest agent to handle your most valuable asset.

You need to instruct an agent who you believe will get the job done quickly and most effectively and you may have to spend a bit more on their commission but you will net more from your sale. 

Follow these steps and you really will succeed in property.